Creating Your Book

The step by step process of creating a print-on-demand book.
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1. Writing Starts with:

• Your Manuscript
It’s best if the manuscript is a word processor document. When no computer document is available we can create one by transcribing handwriting, or using optical character recognition of typed pages.
• As told to our ghostwriter
As an alternative Book Services can provide a ghost writer who will write the manuscript based upon interviews.

Computer Editing 500x467
2. Editing is important if you want your book to effectively communicate with your readers. Book Services provides a range of editing services, from simple and extended proofreading, to overhaul and rewrite (most authors never need the latter).

Editing Looks at:
• Structure of the manuscript
• Clarity of the writing
• Clichés
• Aptness of word choice
• Credibility of characters
• Inconsistencies in timelines
• Continuity

Magnifying-Glass Trans
3. Proofreading is the last look at the text of a book before it enters production. This looks primarily for misspellings or improper punctuation, grammar or formatting.

• Spelling mistakes and inconsistencies
• Typos
• Punctuation
• Capitalization
• Incorrect or awkward grammar

4. Art, Graphics, Photographs

• Original artwork
• Original graphics
• Original photographs
• Scanning pictures & documents
• Image preparation for printing
• Copyright clearance

5. Layout & Design not only assures your book meets the requirements of the distribution format (print or eBook), but also assures the reader of a positive experience. All elements of the layout contribute to that experience.
Book Services offers a variety of layout & design packages for prose, non-fiction, fiction, illustrated and children’s books.

Books, Magazines, Newsletters, Brochures
• Layout – fonts, margins, paragraph style
• Cover & dust jacket
• Photoshop and InDesign services
• Original graphic art services
• ISBN numbers
• Print on Demand ready files
• eBook ready files

PrintOnDemand Icon

6. Print on Demand Upload to the print-on-demand service and/or eBook distribution channel.

Printing on demand using:
• Lightning Source (Ingram Spark)
• Create Space

JAAH Front Cover Perspective Tran
7. Proof Copy A final look at the book is given just before it enters distribution. An electronic proof confirms the accuracy of the print-on-demand upload.
For eBooks the actual ePub file downloaded from the distributor is proofed.
For printed books, before releasing the book for distribution, a physical proof is printed and reviewed to confirm that all visual concepts of the book work on paper as intended.

• Electronic proof (PDF, ePub)
• Physical book

Marketing & PR Trans
8. Marketing & Public Relations In addition to a Facebook page, a page is added to the Book Services web site to support online orders that result in higher author royalties.

• EMail
• Website
• Festivals & Events
• Press Releases
• Social Media & Blogging
• Testimonials

9. Distribution Important database entries are made and confirmed for online and print retailers. Special content files are uploaded to support front & back cover images, and previews such as Amazon’s “Look Inside the Book”. In addition to a Facebook page, a page is added to the Book Services web site to support online orders that result in higher author royalties.


  • Domestic & international distribution:
    • Ingram
    • Amazon
    • Baker & Taylor
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Many others
  • Facebook page
  • Book Services web site shopping