Across the Ridgeline

Across the Ridgeline
By George McGaughey
Yearning to escape his mind-numbing desk job, Sean books his first vacation in years – a dream trip to Ireland to connect with his roots.

Ireland beckons your imagination, said the brochure.  At the end of his first day in Ireland, Sean finds that his imagination isn’t ready for the morgue after all.

But now he’s not sure where the line between reality and imagination is — or even if there is one, as he stumbles into the world across the ridgeline and into the Kingdom of Ytinu.

Across the Ridgeline is a story of personal transformation, leadership, and tolerance, as King Ailill and Queen Aislinn work with a disparate population of trolls, elves, dwarfs, shape shifters, and their unexpected human guest, to come together as a community.

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