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Across the Ridgeline Front Cover
Across the Ridgeline
By George McGaughey

Across the Ridgeline is a story of personal transformation, leadership, and tolerance, as King Ailill and Queen Aislinn work with a disparate population of trolls, elves, dwarfs, shape shifters, and their unexpected human guest, to come together as a community.

JF-AS Front Cover 300x300
Alphabet Soup
By Judi Flanagan
Illustrated By Betsy Feinberg

An ABC book featuring whimsical illustrations and catchy rhymes about unconventional animal characters.

Meet a kangaroo who bakes, a curious cricket, a giraffe who loves swimming pools, an acrobatic hippo, and a lion who plays classical music. The cast of characters who do their own thing in this charmingly illustrated book will make you and your child chuckle as you read it together. Intended for an ethnically diverse audience.

At the Butcher Counter of Life
By Janet Parmely

She had a tidy life in the suburbs when the big Five-O smacked her upside the head.  Was this the life she really wanted?  Then an ad caught her eye:  “We’ve got sixty million sheep, but we’re short on audiologists.”  She opted for a year’s sabbatical in New Zealand.  It turned into a ten-year journey that changed the lay of life as she knew it.

Back Across the Ridgeline

By George McGaughey

Once more across the Atlantic on an Irish vacation, Sean finds his way back across the ridgeline to the Kingdom of Ytinu.

When the wise and enchanting elf, Kristina, arrives at the wedding  of his friend Bradaigh, Sean loses his heart.  They seem meant for each other — until Captain Morgan relates the legend of the Temple family.

Clark Street Whole Foods Baking
By Allan Spiegler

This collection of much-requested recipes and heart-warming vignettes not only tells our story, but provides a wealth of nutritional information, as well as detailed instructions and the reasoning behind the techniques used.

Connections Across Time Front Cover
Connections Across Time
By M.J. Sherman

A collage of otherworldly stories set in the remote reaches of America, from the rocky coast of northernmost Maine to the Chihuahuan Desert of south Texas to the Sonoran Desert near Tucson.

The Day a Miracle Happened
By Rolland Loomis   Illustrated by Mary Jane Lyon
Joseph, a young orphan, discovers that abundance is created when you risk sharing what little you have with others. Based on the biblical story of the loaves and fishes, Joseph experiences a miracle beyond his wildest dreams at the end of the day.

Diogenes Station
By William G. Hanne

At the height of the Cold War, Colonel William Hanne was selected to command Diogenes Station, an isolated, high-security, U.S. Army field station in Turkey.

I Have Never Seen Paris But I Have Seen Bigfoot
By Nancy Moosburner

Giving up the dream of a deluxe trip to Paris in favor of building the ideal retirement home in the thick coastal rainforest of Washington drew the author into the Bigfoot controversy.

JAAH Cover1
Journal of an American Away From Home
May 12, 1944 – 25 days before D-Day
President Franklin Roosevelt orders a special team to undertake a mission to Moscow to tell Joseph Stalin about America’s capability to complete the development of the atom bomb. Based upon the personal journal of Beatrice Rapoport, one of the team’s leaders.

The Mouse in the Firehouse
By George McGaughey
Illustrated by Betsy Feinberg

Rich runs through the open door of a firehouse to escape Max, the cat. Lost – and worried about his missing brother, Cliff – Rich finds a new friend and protector in Spot, the firehouse dog. A 4th of July celebration and a fire lead Rich and Spot into adventure and an unexpected reunion.

TMITHAC Front Cover
The Mouse in the House at Christmas
By George McGaughey
Illustrated by Betsy Feinberg

Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a far-off city, there lived a family of mice. Father mouse’s name was Benjamin. Mother mouse’s name was Sissy. They had two sons, Richard and Cliff. They lived in a large house with a Master and Mistress who had a big old gold-colored cat named Max.

The Mouse in the RV
By George McGaughey
Illustrated by Betsy Feinberg

The curiosity of two adventurous mice, Rich and Cliff, has unintended consequences—a road trip in an RV and a new acquaintance from Austin.

A big truck rumbled into the side yard. The four mice gazed in curiosity as the master climbed out the door of the box on wheels. “One, two, three, four,” Rich counted aloud, pointing to the enormous rubber tires. “Five, six—there are double wheels on the back!” exclaimed Cliff.

Navigating Switchbacks
By Sarah True Mulligan

The journey of Sarah True: paralyzed from the waist down at 16, struck down by a long-term life-threatening illness eight years later, and then a transformation to athlete, wife, mother, medical student and a light to others, all from a chair.

RR Cover 300x480
Ranch Ramblings
By M.J. Sherman

Seven years of adventure on a windswept ranch in northeastern Oklahoma

Rather than face the prospect of a corporate transfer to Houston. . . We bought a ranch.

NPP Cover 300x480
Seven Nearly Perfect Pulik
By Rita Sikes

The true stories of seven Hungarian Pulik sheepdogs…
told in their own words.

Snowboarding in Three Simple Steps
By Ray McNeal

Even if you’re a novice, even if you’ve never skied, you can learn to snowboard in 2 1/2 hours in three simple steps under the tutelage of outdoorsman, Ray McNeal.

McNeal, a former FAA-certified helicopter flight instructor, has taught archery, pistol and rifle, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, cross-country skiing, winter camping, sport climbing, tennis, backpacking, and map and compass work (a.k.a. land navigation).

Stories of an American Family
By Richard Lemen & Sydney Trower Lemen

This book, a collaboration of Dr. Lemen and his wife, Sydney Trower Lemen, is based on extensive research.

From the pre-Revolutionary wilderness of western Pennsylvania and the Battle of New Orleans to the Bataan Death March, the Battles of the Coral Sea and Guadalcanal, the liberating of Buchenwald, to the honor guard at General Patton’s funeral, the naming of Tucson’s Mt. Lemmon, and the saving of Koko, the gorilla who speaks sign language, these are compelling stores of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

In the Summertime
By M.J. Sherman

In the Summertime: true stories of a multigenerational family knit together through summers and holidays on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin.

A Snake in the Road Front Cover
A Snake in the Road
By William Hanne
Things Are Not What They Appear To Be

A different take on the U.S. involvement in Vietnam from the perspective of Captain William G. Hanne of the Military Assistance Command.

The Thankful Straws of Christmas Front Cover
The Thankful Straws of Christmas
By Mary Jane Lyon
Illustrated by Phyllis Little

A Basque Christmas story celebrating Advent.

When Grandpa Nathan was asked where “Thankful Straws” originated, his only answer was: “As long as I remember and as long as I live we have ‘Thankful Straws of Christmas’.”

“Christmas comes when the bandana is empty, and the nativity is full of straws.”

The Training Ground Front Cover
The Training Ground
By William McMorrine

This planet Earth is a training ground for your soul, a boot camp to prepare you for a realm of being beyond anything your earthly mind can imagine, a place that some call Heaven. Within the pages of this book you will find the secrets of getting into Heaven.

Turkey Dressing
By Mary Jane Lyon

Travis loses his self-esteem when he loses his tail feathers to a coyote, but with the help of family and friends discovers that true beauty comes from your heart, not from your appearance.

A dual-language English-Spanish flip book.

View From First Mountain Front Cover
The View From First Mountain
By William Hanne

A personal view of the Democracy Transition Program after the Croatian War of Independence


AWAAP Front Cover 300x480
A Wing and a Prayer

The Personal Narrative of Ralph Freund who flew 32 missions over Europe during WWII.